Police to file FIR aganist virus positive persons violating ‘home quarantine’ rules

Law and order police will now file FIR (First Information Report) against virus-positive persons violating home quarantine and coming out of their houses.

City police have begun filing FIRs against violators.

Says Jayaraj, Inspector of Marina police station, “Till now such an instance has not occurred in our station limits. But, the Corporation staff and police officers are continuously monitoring virus-positive patients under home quarantine. Neighbours also keep an eye and inform us if there is a violation.”

He says if anyone violates the rule we will get to know immediately and we will file FIR against the person.

After an FIR is filed, the violating virus-positive persons will be sent back to stay in home quarantine. And one police will be deployed outside their house permanently to ensure he/she does not flout the rules again.

Once the person recovers, the Inspector says action will be taken against them according to the instructions of Madras High Court.

  • Photo used here is for representation purpose only. Police patrol on Marina.

2 Comments on “Police to file FIR aganist virus positive persons violating ‘home quarantine’ rules”

  1. Good move !
    The violators should be quarantined at military camps. This kind of actions should be published through news papers and TVs .It will create awareness .
    Dhanapal Panneerselvam

  2. Very much needed! In fact, this could’ve been implemented from the start when cases were less. And their flouting of rules, was the reason of such an uncontrollable spread of the virus now. People found ways to jump quarantine. Now, they cannot!

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