Online classes have facilitated full use of tech tools, says principal of P. S. Senior

Online classes come with their own set of challenges. Power cuts and slow internet connections being the most common ones. But the upside is that the different tools of technology can now be fully exploited, says Revathi Parameshwaran, the principal of P. S. Senior Secondary School, Mylapore.

She says, “We have been using Google classroom very effectively now. Teaching has become more meaningful. For example when the teachers teach a poem in English class, they are able to use Google forms to give more examples and images of personification”.

Senior class students and teachers use Powerpoint to present their projects too, she says. “Students were asked to do a comparative study between coronavirus and the spanish flu, the 1918 flu pandemic. A lot of research went into the project and the students came up with several innovative comparisons. We are planning to reward the best projects after the students come back to school”.

Online Carnatic music classes were introduced for the students of classes II to VI in July. Noted vocalist S. Saketaraman, an alumni of the school, has taken on the responsibility of training the students. 147 students are divided into groups of six and three levels based on their level of knowledge and trained accordingly.

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  1. I was surfing mylapore times on schools. What you say us right. You cannot make children less than 8 years to sit for online interaction. Sending PPT or video to parrents is meaningful rather than online classes for ages less than 8. But for primary ,middle and upper classes manditorily requires to review this.

  2. Online classes above 3rd will be useful. But classes for children’s of kinder garden and 1st and second standard will be of greater pressure to children. Making them use gagets, will require help from parents. Parents needs to be educated. School need to rethink on this.

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