Life and times during pandemic: Timeline of June 17 to July 1

The Coronavirus outbreak that affected Mylapore by late March has now spread far and wide affecting hundreds of people in the neighbourhood.

Virus cases have since been reported from different areas including San Thome, R.A.Puram, Abhiramapuram, Mandaveli, Nochikuppam, and Thiruvalluvar Salai.

Listed below is the timeline of life in the Mylapore area from June 17 to July 1.

June 17:  Chennai Corporation demarcated containment zones at Raja Gramini Garden, KVB Gardens, Shanmugapuram and Salaiyar Street, after the areas reported more than 5 virus cases.

The free dispensary at Sri Ramakrishna Math, Mylapore was closed as most of their volunteers paramedical staff, doctors were unable to make it due to lack of transportation.

June 18: Virus-positive cases were reported from 36 streets in Mylapore. Of the 36 streets, the maximum was reported from Ward 124.

Chennai Corporation organised two large medical camps inside the densely populated seaside colony of Srinivasapuram, off Foreshore Estate.

Police patrols started doing the rounds of all the kuppams; And barricades were pulled across each kuppam to curt off inter-colony movement. The roadside fish hawkers market was shut down.

June 19: Intense lockdown was implemented across the neighbourhood ( as in Chennai) to prevent the virus spread. Amma unavagams provided free food to the poor.

The day saw minimal vehicular traffic on the main roads and streets. People stayed indoors. Shopping at local stores was sparse. Meat shops were shut down.

Mylapore police tried out a robot to regulate social distancing at South Mada Street vegetable market.

Chennai Corporation intensified its daily, fever camps in colonies to curb the virus spread. At least one or two camps were held in each ward of Mylapore.

The civic body also appointed a group of ‘FOCUS’ volunteers to supply essentials including vegetables and groceries to virus-positive persons under home quarantine.

June 20: Day 2 of the intense lockdown: neighbourhood streets and roads were fairly free of cars and bikes except at Bazaar Road in Mylapore where people shopped freely.

Virus-positive cases were reported from 39 streets of Mylapore. Of the 39, the maximum were reported from Ward 173 and Ward 125, with both reporting 9 streets with virus cases.

June 21: A total shutdown was implemented on this Sunday. Main roads like Kamaraj Salai ( Marina beach road), Dr Radhakrishnan Salai, TTK Road, R K Mutt Road were deserted.
And the busy market spaces too were shut down. Police manned key road junctions with barricades.

Also, 42 streets reported virus-positive cases. Of the 42, the maximum number of streets fell under Ward 124 and Ward 173.

June 22: 33 streets of Mylapore reported virus-positive cases. Of the 33, the maximum number of 9 streets fell under Ward 125, followed by 7 at Ward 173 and 6 at Ward 123.

June 24: Community leaders of Srinivasapuram joined hands with Chennai Corporation and local police to tackle virus spread in this area.

June 25: S. Nelson,Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) attached to Mylapore zone fully recovered from the virus and re-joined his duty. A small function was organised at Mylapore police station to mark the occasion.

To fasten the virus testing process, Chennai Corporation started using autorickshaws to ferry symptomatic patients from its fever camps to the nearest sample collection centres.

June 26:  Pharmacies in the neighbourhood shut down from 7 am to 11 am to protest against the alleged ‘murder’ of two Thoothukudi shopkeepers in police custody.

News from the ‘red zone’ of KVB Gardens in R.A.Puram indicated that very few cases were reported from this area following lockdown.

June 27: Nurses attached to Chennai Corporation said they were overburdened with work. With no option for taking leave, they were also a frustrated lot but stuck to the posts.

June 28: Roads, streets were deserted on this Sunday morning, owing to the complete lockdown

Local resdents, state minister Jayakumar and his son, J Jayavardan, former MP quarantined themselves at their San Thome residence.

June 29: Chennai Corporation staff in local area reported that some were affected by the virus and other civic workers said there was need for better protective gear (masks/gloves) provided to them.

June 30: This evening, the flag of saint Thomas was hoisted not on the massive flag mast outside the church as was the custom but inside the cathedral, near the main altar.

The feast has been celebrated indoors with a few priests and laity.

July 1: Special Sub Inspector Manimaran attached to the Pattinapakkam ( Foreshore Estate) Police Station passed away this morning. He succumbed to the virus.

A simple tribute meet was held outside the premises of Pattinapakkam police station and D-G of Police for TN, J K Tripathy was present.

Note: Highlights of local development known to Mylapore Times is recorded here. We do not claim that this is a complete record of the period.

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