French Loaf food stores provide facility to place orders via Facebook

French Loaf outlets in the neighbourhood are now providing a facility to place orders via Facebook.

The store that has branches at Alwarpet and San Thome besides elsewhere has recently launched this service.

Bread (whole wheat, milk), pastries (black forest, choco lava), doughnuts, classic french baguettes and more can be ordered through this mode.

Says P.R. Venkatesh, marketing head of French Loaf, “The service is facilitated by an automated chatbot that gets activated when one visits our Facebook messenger. It provides a digital menu and guides people through their purchase.”

After placing orders, payment can be made online through bank transfer or GPay. Following this, door delivery will be made via Dunzo, he says.

“To reassure people that orders are made following precautions to prevent virus spread, the name and temperature of the person who packed the order will also be informed to the customers.”

People may visit the store’s Facebook Messenger – to place orders.

A pack of whole wheat bread is priced at Rs. 50.

It’s outlets at TTK Road, Alwarpet and San Thome High Road will also be open for business. Bulk orders are also delivered. Ph: 076049 15071.

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