GCC office, library in R. A. Puram seek donors: need is computers

R A Puram Residents Association ( RAPRA) is seeking donors to contribute a set of computers for use in the local GCC office and local library and also help air-condition the local library.

The local library, a branch of TN Local Library Authority in located on 3rd Cross Street. A full-time librarian attends to the needs of members and membership is open to all.

RAPRA members say there is an extensive collection of books arranged systematically in shelves according to subjects – non-fiction, poetry, fiction. Tamil novels and humour and more. Around 30 weeklies, dailies and periodicals are also made available to visitors.

In the first floor is located the airy reading room where  some 25 people can sit and read. The first floor
hall is provided with six fans.

Here, RAPRA periodically holds programmes for children and local schools have been involved in a series of events.

Now, the community wants to get the library air conditioned and also provide it with computer
and internet connection to help database the books collection and ease process of record keeping.

RAPRA also says that the Chennai Corporation local area office opposite the library has an urgent need for one computer for this office to store and work on data on Corona related records in Division 123, on medical tests, virus cases, camps, volunteers, visits, etc.

Those who wish to make donations, may contact RAPRA patron Dr. R. Chandrasekaran – 9841030040 .

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