Krishna Jayanthi is a two day celebration for this Mandaveli resident this year

Ganga Sridhar, a resident of Raja Street, Mandaveli, will be celebrating Krishna Jayanthi today and tomorrow this year.

She says, “It has been a tradition in our family to celebrate Krishna Jayanthi on ashtami day (rohini nakshatram) and that falls on Wednesday (Aug 12) this year. But since ISKCON is celebrating it today we decided to have prayers today too. We will be offering a naivedyam of seedai, nel aval with jaggery, curd and vennai (butter) today evening. Tomorrow we plan to make paal payasam. We will be chanting hymns from religious texts on both the days”.

Ganga’s community has always got together for important events. For Krishna Jayanthi every year, the residents of her apartment complex offer prayers near the small idol of Lord Krishna installed inside their complex. She says that this year due to the pandemic, there will be no community celebration. The residents will take turns to pray there.