Newly laid water-harvesting system helps channel rainwater into tank of Sri Kapali Temple

If there was a pleasing sight on Monday evening when it rained steadily for over an hour then it was the sight of water gushing into the tank of Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple in Mylapore.

And this happened because of a recent civic project undertaken near the tank.

On Monday, even as the rain poured down amidst thunder rolls after 4 p.m. water was seen gushing out of at least 5 outlets into the eastern side of the temple tank. It ran down the stone steps and slowly spread and settled on the tank bed.

Recently, Chennai Corporation undertook to relay East Tank Street, the street that runs between the tank and the western boundary of the temple, linking North and South Mada Streets.

Drainpipes were laid alongside the tank boundary, chambers were created and filters set in to trap waste which is carried by the water Р built into this system were pipes created at about 5 places along the main drain which projected into the steps of the temple tank.

All this was done to channel the rainwater that fell on the street into the tank. And this is what happened on Monday evening.