Rain water harvesting work around Chitrakulam tank will be done by the end of the month

A few weeks ago, the roads around the Chitrakulam tank were dug up to lay pipes to harvest the water that stagnated there and direct the same to the temple tank.

M. Muthiah, the assistant executive engineer of the storm water drain department at Ripon building says, “One connection at Solaippan Street has been given. The connection at the south side of Chitrakulam tank will be given today. We are left with the one at East Kesava Perumal Street, that will be completed soon too”.

Regarding the construction of the storm water drain at Mosque Street, he says, “The work there has started. We were supposed to finish 20 m of tunnelling work yesterday but due to the rains, the water got stagnated there and we had to pump out the water first. That work will be done today. Tomorrow the workers will take up 20m of earth work. They will keep alternating between tunneling and earth work till the work is done, only 20 m of work will be done at a time”.

We hope to complete both the projects by the end of the month, he adds.

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