Street off Bazaar Road in Mylapore is no longer a containment zone, says Chennai Corporation official

The street off Bazaar Road in Mylapore that was treated as a ‘containment zone’, until a day ago, is no longer a containment zone, says a senior official of Chennai Corporation.

In late Sept., part of this street covering 50 households was contained, after 7 residents of the area turned virus-positive. Barricades were also put up here to prevent free movement of people in and out of this area.

Now, the official says all virus-positive cases in the containment zone have recovered.

However, the uncontained part of the street still has two virus cases, he says. “But, a street is considered a containment zone only if there are 4 or more active virus cases. Now, as this street has only 2 active cases, it is no longer a containment zone. Civic workers will soon remove barricades from that area.”

“The two virus-positive persons are also expected to recover within a couple of days. No new cases have come up from here as of now,” he adds.

Meanwhile, local health workers are regularly conducting fever camps on this street to identify residents with virus symptoms.

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