Strict norms for nurses and doctors at Billroth Hospital

Since R. A. Puram based Billroth Hospital is a non-covid hospital, many precautions are taken to ensure that the doctors and nurses there do not get infected with the coronavirus.

The manager of the hospital G. Ravichandran says, “Since we do not treat covid patients it is very important for us to take the necessary precautions to ensure that the doctors, nurses and staff who interact with the patients don’t get the virus. The doctors and nurses work in shifts. Their temperature and oxygen level is checked everyday. Once they finish their shift, they do not go home. They are taken to a hostel and they continue to work like this for five days after which they are allowed to take a break for one or two days”.

If the doctors or nurses break the bubble by going home or outside, they are placed in quarantine for five days before they are allowed to rejoin.

Ravichandran says since this is a non-covid hospital, patients who have not had been infected with the virus feel safe there. He says, “Just yesterday we discharged a patient who had undergone a surgery for oral cancer. Another patient whose hip had been broken in three places just had their surgery here and will be discharged soon”.

Any patient who comes into the hospital is first taken to the fever clinic located inside the campus but a little away from the main building. They are treated only if they do not have fever or other symptoms of coronavirus. In patient services are also offered at the hospital. Outpatient services can be accessed with an appointment only.

The emergency ward is open 24 hours. The hospital is located at 52, 2nd Main Road, R. A. Puram. Ph: 42921100, 8056032723, 8939204040.