Tank of Sri Madhava Perumal Temple receives rainwater

Temple tanks in Mylapore are beginning to receive the bounty of rainwater whenever it rains but what has poured down isn’t enough to fill even the small tanks in this neighbourhood.

Take the case of the small tank of Sri Madhava Perumal Temple.

When it rained steadily a week ago, the day the rainfall was a record, the water which rolled into this tank was seen here for only 24 hours – the bed was dry thereafter. Obviously, the water fed the parched underground.

Today, November 4 morning as the rain came down steadily, rainwater was seen gushing into the temple tank again. The biggest volume of water was from the pipeline that carries rainwater that falls on the local area streets and channels it into the tank.

Water that fell inside the temple campus this morning was seen rolling across all four sides of the temple tank steps and into the bed.

It will need continuous rain for the tank to have water standing in it for some time.

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