Waste keeps generating even after we make multiple rounds of garbage collection, says official attached to Urbaser

“Waste keeps generating even after we make multiple rounds of garbage collection,” says a senior official attached to Urbaser Sumeet, the private agency that handles garbage collection in the neighbourhood.

The agency took over conservancy operations in Mylapore on Nov. 10.

The official says that frequent need for garbage collection is happening now as the vegetable market at South Mada Street, streets/areas having commercial complexes, hotels and hospitals generate a large amount of waste.

He says that street corners or junctions surrounding these places have become a garbage dump yard, over the years.

At the slum colonies like Kapali Thotam and Pallakumanagar, he says a huge quantity of legacy waste is found between one block and the other. Hence, clearing them is taking more time and effort. However, we are doing our best to clean all of them, he says.

“Our aim now is to first clear these garbage dump yards and the legacy waste in all areas. Because only when these kinds of waste are cleared people will be able to witness a visible change in their neighbourhood and would get motivated to keep their streets clean.”

Simultaneously, the agency is also holding frequent awareness campaigns to educate people regarding the source segregation of waste. The official says that they are also carrying out door to door campaign, daily to spread awareness on the importance of garbage segregation.

One Comment on “Waste keeps generating even after we make multiple rounds of garbage collection, says official attached to Urbaser”

  1. Hi Sir,

    Over the past few days there is garbage accumulation on the streets causing flies and mosquitoes to swarm in all places.

    The men and women work very slowly and take frequent breaks.

    They simply do not stick to time. The arrangement of the garbage collection seems to be targetted towards housewives who have lots of time to wait.

    In my area, they are supposed to come at 8 am and 11 am. But simply don’t stick to given time and come any time between 8 am to 11 am. Now if people leave for work before 8 am or else if they work from late morning to late evening, what should they do ? Keep the garbage at home?

    A neighbour said that the men say they will not take garbage discarded elsewhere.

    I waited once till 10 am wasting my work time, postponing calls …and when it was intolerable discarded the garbage into the bins placed.

    Now for past 3 days, I discard garbage in the bins, early in morning as am used to doing. My work starts at 9.30 am.

    Guess they have not planned properly and are doing things as a knee jerk reaction.

    They can come to a location on the street and spend at least 30-40 mins collecting household garbage and then leave, This way everyone will come and discard their litter .

    They can also save energy going to each home.

    Whistle sounds also not heard in all houses!! This problem too can be taken care of by the 30 min wait in the street.

    They can brainstorm the consequences of their manner of working and come up with novel and simple ,buy time and energy efficient processes.

    They can eliminate processes which are a pain in neck for the residents!!

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