Residents want speed breakers at Abhiramapuram First Street

In recent times, residents of Abhiramapuram First Street, Mylapore are facing serious problems as frequent accidents are happening here.

Residents point out that at least 4 accidents happened on this street, this past week.

Says Giridharan Kesavan, a resident, “As Abhiramapuram First Street connects R. A. Puram and Alwarpet, several people use it to avoid traffic signals at C.P. Ramaswamy Road. And hence, the street witnesses steady traffic at most times. Now, as there are no speed breakers here, motorists just zip past the road. “

“This leads to frequent accidents as motorists coming from Abhiramapuram 3 rd and 4th Street do not slow down or use horns at the Abhiramapuram First Street junction.”

With the vehicles steadily zipping past the road, a number of pedestrains, especially the elderly are also affected as they are unable to cross the road. “Hence, we request Chennai Corporation to immediately install speed breakers and regulate traffic on this road.”

  • Picture shows a section of Abhiramapuram First Street; used for representation only;

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