R. A. Puram park is abuzz, children seem to enjoy the open space

One community space which is abuzz following the relaxation in pandemic time regulations is the Chennai Corporation park off Lazarus Church Road in R. A. Puram.

Weeks after its gates,like those of other parks were opened to the public, walkers are making full use of the walkways inside, morning and evenings. So are senior citizens who amble around and them sit down to chat with people they know.

But the ones who seem to enjoy the open space best are children of this area. In the evenings, more on weekends, children pack into the play zone inside this park.

Just that many people who use the park have given up the practice of wearing masks.


One Comment on “R. A. Puram park is abuzz, children seem to enjoy the open space”

  1. Thats because no one cares.

    no questions asked or penalised.

    Local newspapers are focussing on excitement rather than falling of gaurd…endangering those who are law abiding.

    Part authorities..also keep quiet…can they ask those without masks to go back or give them a mask at least… NO MONY…


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