Curtailed Palm Sunday processions at churches to keep with pandemic rules

Churches in the area held the first of the Holy Week services, a week when people commemorate and contemplate on events that led to the condemnation, suffering and death of Jesus.

At Catholic churches, the community held up blessed palms, went in a procession before entering the church, a symbolic act of recreating events that led to Jesus’ condemnation.

But since the pandemic rules are in place, the procession was limited to the church campus. This was the case at San Thome Cathedral, and at the churches in Luz and in R. A. Puram from where we received reports.

However, while seniors and nuns all wore masks many others did not as seen at Cathedral which draws a large community at the core Masses.

2 Comments on “Curtailed Palm Sunday processions at churches to keep with pandemic rules”

  1. I hardly check if my comments are published or not.

    I just speak blatant truth and not sugar coated rubbish!!

  2. Yes, also no one is bothered about social distancing, even as the second wave has started. Many had no masks as I guess they are either not fully aware of risks or are over confident.

    The hand wash containers empty.

    Priests don’t finish masses on time leading to big crowd gathering outside, waiting previous mass to get over!!
    To be frank this behaviour appears to be only for getting money and increasing doations. other things are hardly considered important.

    Planning to stand outside and attend masses and services from Thursday!!

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