Getting maids, guards vaccinated in one go: R. A. Puram body shows the way

Raja Annamalaipuram Residents Association (RAPRA) in association with R K Nagar Second Main Road GCC’s Urban Public Health Centre (UPHC) arranged for Covid 19 vaccination to front line workers like watchmen and domestic maid servants of this area this week.

Some 30 persons were taken in a van on two trips to the vaccination centre. RAPRA leaders say they felt that these are the vulnerable group and a majority of them were ignorant of the facilities available and importance of vaccination.

RAPRA says it intends to vaccinate all these front line workers and make the colony free of corona.

GCC medical officer of the centre Dr. Saraswathi deputed the medical officer of the centre Dr. Malar and sanitary inspector Mathivanan to coordinate the procedure and made it hassle free.

Certificates to those vaccinated were issued the next day.