Musical discourse, dance production on ‘Naalvar’: from RASA for Sivaratri

RASA based in R A Puram which employs the arts for less abled children and youth is presenting the Mahasivaratri Sangeeta Nrityotsavam 2021.
This year this celebration has been performed before an invited audience at RASA’s space and the programmes will be webcast.

Registrations were thrown open to upcoming artistes in the field of music and dance and selected participants were asked to come to the RASA Cultural Centre and the recitals was recorded.
The programme will be premiered on RASA Web Channel from March 11 to 15.
The highlight of the festival is the musical discourse on “Naalvar” – Shaivite saints by Dr. Ambika Kameshwar and a theatre presentation on Naalvar by the special artistes of RASA, Mathru Mandir and of Pathway.
The link of the YouTube channel:

– Photo used here has no connection with RASA, and is for representational purpose only.

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