Big rush for jab at Alwarpet hospital. It runs out of one vaccine.

People are reporting that on Friday there was a shortage of the Covishield vaccine at a private hospital in Alwarpet. This could also have bene be cause of the big rush here for the jab, mostly the second one.

Alwarpet resident V. Soundararani who was at Kauvery Hospital for her second dose of the vaccine said that she was asked to report again on the weekend.

“My token was 305 at 10.45 am and there was a big rush and the queue did not move after 100 people were covered,” she said in a social media post.

Covaxin was also being injected at the hospital.

Some people assume the rush to the aggressive state-led campaign and reportage on the current pandemic situation.

The process has been smooth on other days, another Alwarpet resident who took her second jab reported.

  • Photo was shot at GCC clinic used here is from recent archives and is for representation only.

2 Comments on “Big rush for jab at Alwarpet hospital. It runs out of one vaccine.”

  1. I see many educated and upper middle class persons going to government health centres for vaccinations.

    Why then are folks rushing to private hospitals?

    As someone who plans to take the jab this week, i wish to know. I was planning to go to nearby health centre!!

  2. Upon going back for the vaccine today I was made to wait with a fresh token, 125 at 8.50 am. On my lamenting that those who went back yesterday should be given priority – Meanwhile an SMS on my mobile last night said that I had already got my 2nd shot
    – Somehow I managed to go in slightly off turn, had to clear up the mess with an alternative id proof ( wouldn’t accept my mobile no and Aadhaar as the process seemingly got over acc to them). Job done. With such a huge team of management staff and wonderful infrastructure, they could still do well.

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