Sanjay Subrahmanyan’s first music video

This Thamizh New Year’s day, Carnatic music vocalist, Sanjay Subrahmanyan collaborated with a creative team which works from Adyar to present the first music video.

Titled ‘Tamizhan’,  the well-known vocalist, dressed in his trademark white and white sings the song to minimal accompanying music, laying the stress on the words, the lyrics. The music is his.

The creative was worked out by Bhargavi, photographer, designer and now, producer of a popular YouTube channel for kolams, called Kolam Podu.  In this video, she is the auteur and with Koteeswar, who handles the typography creates a neat, simple, striking video produced by Edge Productions.

Said Bhargavi, “The idea was mine but Sanjay was gracious to lead us. The feedback has been good this far.”

Sanjay’s Thamizh songs-themed concerts have come to draw a big attendance, and last year-end due to the pandemic situation a themed concert held annually was webcast .



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