Got good amount of leftover food to share? Ping this man who gifts it to less abled

This is a community activist’s message to those who are in Home Catering and Running Kitchen activity now.
If you think that the prepared food items of your food joint or unit may go waste or if you do not find any takers on any day or night reach me and I will serve it to people who ned this food, says Baskar Seshadri of Mandaveli.
Baskar says if he is alerted in advance he can collect the food which must be neatly packed. Else, donors must drop it off at his residence.
His contact – 21/11 , Thiruvengadam Street (opposite South Madras Gas Agencies ) . Contact – 98410 33888
Baskar supports homes for the aged, for destitutes and such projects and is willing to lend a hand of service to those who may find well-cooked food may be wasted one afternoon or evening.

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