Mylapore crematorium has not been in use for over four weeks. New facility may be ready only end June.

For some four weeks now, the gas-fired crematorium in Mylapore has been out of service because of a technical breakdown.

So it has not been of use to people who wish to cremate the dead, including people who die from the virus.

Staff here say that the overload that took place in late 2020 when lots of virus-affected dead bodies were cremated here took its tool.

Isha Foundation has handled this civic facility for some years now.

Now, Chennai Corporation is said to have approved a plan to dismantle the old and set up a more robust facility. A Coimbatore firm is manufacturing it but this will take some more weeks to arrive and be set up.

Burials are also done here and this is possible now.

However, burning of bodies in semi-open using wood is not allowed.

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