This team of youths who deliver food, medicines freely to seniors gets very busy. WhatsApp the team.

Remember Raghavendar, the engineering grad youth who set up a street-side juices hawker stall in Mylapore, had to shut down due to lockdown and launched into serving Mylaporeans in need?

Well, he and his partner have not got a third youth to help run around even as the demand increases. This team in Mandaveli provides food stuff, veggies, medical supplies to seniors and virus effected in the Mylapore-Mandaveli zone.

You place your need/order on WhatsApp, give the money and they deliver at your doorstep.

They have also tied in with another group that supplies breakfast and lunch and deliver that too.

You need to WhatsApp this team by 11 p.m. for needs to be delivered next day since lockdown is on from 10 a.m. and they need time to shop and deliver

Contact 91-8610701344

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