Creative Work of Mylapore Children


Variety of Art

by Aradhana Padmanabhan

This is a sample of Aradhana Padmanabhan arft.

She says this in a note –
Out of the interest that I got from Art Class in school, I started exploring various art forms on the internet and started drawing some of these art forms. I have attached the scanned images of the drawings and mentioned a few lines on those drawings.

Folding Art: This is a Chinese new year dragon. I used the symmetry method taught by my art class in school to draw this.

Mandala Art: I was inspired to draw this girl, by an office friend of my mother. This is also called Zentangle art.

Pencil Art: I drew this for my mother’s birthday. I drew this with the help of a YouTube channel that posts various types of art

Landscape Drawing: This was drawn by the most licensed artist in History Romero Britto. He always uses the entire space in the paper and covers it up with his own imagination. This was also taught in my art class in school.

Aradhana Padmanabhan resides in Mylapore and is studying 6th Grade in Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School, Mylapore.