Yajur Veda Parayanam at gurukulam. Prayers for Covid relief.

V. Kannan Ganapadigal has been running the Karpagambal Veda Gurukulam near Madhava Perumal Temple over the last seven years.

Currently, there are four students residing full time at his Gurukalam where he is initiating them into the Krishna Yajur Veda.

With the second wave of Covid 19 in full swing, he says he went back to the Vedic scriptures and scanned through several mantras that offered relief from many different kinds of diseases.

It was then that the thought occurred to him to organize a four-day Yajur Veda Parayanam at his house. He told Mylapore Times that the Vedas have several ‘Kirumi Naasangal’ mantras and that reciting those non-stop would help in relief from the pandemic.

He roped in six Vedic scholars to present the Yajur Veda Parayanam from Sunday onwards.

 Kanchi Maha Periyava’s jayanthi triggered thoughts. He says that the Maha Periyava always suggested the recital of Vedas as a solution to big challenges and hence “we chose to use the Parayanam route to seek relief from the pandemic.”

“It is also a huge learning experience for the young students to watch the intensity of the presentation of Vedic scholars from close quarters. It is also an early lesson to these kids that Vedic chanting can help solve any problem in life.”

The four-day parayanam at his house culminates on Wednesday coinciding with Maha Periyava jayanthi.

Photo: Kannan Ganapadigal flanked by his four students at his home near Madhava Perumal Temple

  • Report by S. Prabhu

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