Nagaswaram artistes get their due after three months

Five outstation Nagaswaram troupes, six city based troupes and two Mugai Veenai artistes had performed during the street processions at the Sri Kapaleeswarar Brahmotsavam in Panguni this year.

On May 18, Mylapore Times had featured a story ( that the payments relating to these artistes had not been paid on time this year.

In a positive development, the thakkar of the temple P Vijayakumar Reddy presented 13 cheques towards the payment to these artistes in the presence of executive officer D Kaveri at the temple premises this morning.

The cheques were handed over to Mohan Dass, the official Nagaswaram vidwan of the temple for him to send it to the respective artiste groups.

Over the last decade or so, Mohan Dass has been identifying, co-ordinating and organizing the outstation artistes to perform at the grand Panguni brahmotsavam.

  • By S. Prabhu

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