Marina re-opens once more and people are back at dawn

The Marina has reopened completely at dawn this Monday, August 23. This after more pandemic time regulations were lifted by the state.

And the men and women who cannot but be here for their walks, exercises and chats were back at their favourite spaces – some on the lawns, many on the service road and many more on the pavement.

And those who had to wet their feet after ages, walked down to the waterfront too.

There were a few police on patrol, some sharing sanitisers.

As the days pass, this place is bound to get crowded.

One Comment on “Marina re-opens once more and people are back at dawn”

  1. Welcome change.

    Its closure made people sick at home!!
    Beautiful morning sky gazers left with no choice.
    Nature photography enthusiasts unable to get the blissful sights.
    Finally feet wet and spirits cleansed!!

    Hope fish markets get closed for some rest!!

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