R. A. Puram community strives to segregate waste at source

The residents of R. A. Puram are being motivated to segregate waste and hand it over to staff of Urbaser who drive door to door to collect waste. And not to fling the waste into bins.

Urbaser-Sumeet, which is the private agency contracted to clear waste in some parts of the city has also deputed its staff to get this campaign into top gear.

“Our reps and Urbaser’s staff keep visiting homes and apartments where some extra cajoling is required now,” says T. N. Srinivas, a senior member of the local association called RAPRA.

“We are doing it properly in 50% of our households and we want to get better,” he adds.

The campaign covers about 11 streets and roads of this sprawling residential colony where RAPRA has been very active in civic campaigns.

“Segregation of waste is what needs attention,” said a Urbaser staffer who has been closely working here. “We keep educating residents and it is improving.”

On its part, Urbaser has told its street-level workers to work closely with residents. Urbaser has chosen this area to become a ‘model’ for waste segregation and collection.

  • File photo used here; Urbaser staff cleaning streets in a colony

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