Tribute: T. V. Ramani published and distributed books on Hindu religion

T. V. Ramani (63) a long-time Mylaporean passed away on July 26.

A philanthropist, he like his father V T Rajan had helped a lot of vaidheekas and others  in and around Mylapore over the decades.

He was a partner at Rajan and Company Printers and was one of the first few to have completed  a formal printing technology course in the area before he took up the partnership.

He was instrumental in bringing and using the HMT machines for printing at a time when only Japanese/ German machines were being used.

He  also bought out a lot of Hindu religious and sloka books, which were often distributed for free. One of the major contributions was a Grantha Handwritting Book, which was utilised by many Vedha Patashala students.

He also conducted an annual Sri Rama Navami Utsavam for 9 days every year at his home where the Valmiki Ramayana Parayana was conducted.

He is survived by his wife Banumathi and daughter and the family members.

His family can be contacted at 9381430775.  Their current address – RS Luminous, BF2 6/410, Gandhi Street, Kandhanchavady, OM.  Ph: 9381430775

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