Critical social media posts on people allowed access to San Thome Cathedral on Sunday

Social media posts are critical of San Thome Cathedral allowing people to attend Holy Mass on Sunday when the state regulations clearly state that access to places of prayer by the public are closed on weekends.

One post stated that on Sunday, Sept.19 people were seen entering the church by the side gate and getting inside the church; the main gate here is closed. ‘This is being done surreptitiously by letting the side doors remain open,’ said a person who claimed he witnessed this on Sunday morning.

A church-goer of San Thome confirmed that people who regularly attend Mass were at the Cathedral for Sunday Mass and that they could not be discouraged.

Fr. Arulraj, parish priest of the Cathedral did not deny that people were allowed access to the church on Sunday. He says the number is small and that he will ensure that all doors to the church are shut as per state regulations.

The priest says that the SanThome TV online channel webcasts Masses and that people can take part in these on Sundays.


One Comment on “Critical social media posts on people allowed access to San Thome Cathedral on Sunday”

  1. The tamil masses may be stopped as they attract large crowds and people are always seated close together.
    In English mass, only few people attend, the number would not even fill half the church if put together. Further they sit distanced from each other.

    So two tamil masses attract large crowds and may also attract attention of outsiders as they are not disciplined. Tamil masses can be done away with.

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