Noon annadhanam resumes at Sri Kapali Temple after 18 months

The daily annadhanam at noontime at Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple resumed today after a break of 18months.
Today was a special day as it marked the Pournami day in Puratasi. The temple was decorated with fruits and vegetables. There will be a procession inside the temple this evening at 7pm of Lord Chandrasekar.
There was a rush by the people to make their way into the dining room as everyone pressed forward with their tokens.
The long queue extended upto the full length of the Navarathri mandapam.
The temple’s executive officer D. Kaveri was present on the occasion and served rice to the first set of devotees at the tables.
The traditional meal, with poriyal and kootu is served on banana leaves.
Pandemic time regulations are followed despite the rush here, with staff making sure eveyrthing is in order.
Report by S.  Prabhu
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