Jammi’s now promotes its wellness brand: offering a variety of cures


Senior Mylaporeans may not have forgotten this brand. But the New Gen may draw a blank.

Reason why the promoters of Jammi’s have been working at re-branding their health business and getting the word across too.

Reason why they also want people to know that Jammi’s is not only about curing liver diseases.

Recently, Jammi’s Wellness & Livercure Clinic got going.

Jammi’s has been at the forefront of Ayurveda for nearly 120 years and it wants people to know that it also addresses lifestyle diseases like BP, diabetes, stress, PCOD and other gynaecological problems.

It says it has the added advantage of a manufacturing facility where it makes its own medicines. This modern factory is an AYUSH-approved facility with GMP (good manufacturing practices) certification.

 Dr Anitha Balachander, director of operations says the diseases being cured at Jammi’s Livercure and Wellness Clinic include but are not restricted to fatty liver, cirrhosis of the liver, asthma, migraines, all types of skin diseases including psoriasis and eczema, coughs, colds, fevers of unknown origin, digestive disorders, lactose intolerance, arthritic and other pains, diabetes management, treatment to negate the side-effects of chemotherapy, relief from sinusitis, heartburn, gas, varicose veins and much more.

 She says the doctors at Jammi’s Clinic are trained in allopathy and western sciences and have used this knowledge to address various aspects of health and wellness by explaining the science to their patients while treating them with Ayurveda.

Address – Jammi Buildings, 121, Royapettah High Road, Mylapore.  Open Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm. Call 24991439, 9043020764

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