Rangolis around garbage bins send out a civic message in R. K. Nagar

On Christmas day, kolams and kuppai took on a message that touched on this celebration of the birth of Jesus but was very civic in nature and timed well.

Urbaser Sumeet staff who clear waste from streets across the Teynampet zone ( Mylapore falls under it) undertook a unique effort in R. K. Nagar colony in R. A. Puram on December 25 morning.

They drew rangolis and kolams on the street around every garbage bin placed in the colony. And designed a ,civic message along with the Christmas greeting.

This was part of the’ ‘Namma kuppai, namma poruppu’ campaign here – sending a message to people who toss waste bags across bins or dump them at street corners to be more responsible.

  • Inputs, photo for this report came from TAKSRA, the local community group. You too can share local reports with Mylapore Times.¬†

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