First night of shutdown: pandemic time new orders

Mylapore shut down after 10 p.m. on Thursday as the first of the shut down regulations was rolled out as pandemic time caution even as Covid cases began to rise appreciably.

In the busy market and shopping zones where some shops shut down after 9.30 p.m,. the shutters came down early.

There was some streams of traffic on the main roads and at junctions, like at the Gandhi statue round tana on the Marina, policemen and women stopped motorists, ensuring they had masks on and cautioning them to stay off the roads after 10 p.,m.

As the mist hung on another night when temperature showed 23degrees, there was a certain eerie-ness in many a street where nothing moved.

Sunday will be see the shutdown through the day. On the weekend, all places of worship have to remain closed.

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