Silence of lockdown back this Sunday

The silence of a lockdown is back this Sunday as Mylapore as in the rest of the state observes a pandemic time regulation.

Since dawn, there has not been any movement of vehicles save of those of serving newspapers, milk and essentials or people who are at work permitted by the state.

Unlike on the nights when lockdown is enforced, there were hardly any police outposts seen this morning across the zone.

Even hawkers kept off their trade and so places like South Mada Street and Mandaveli Street were like ghost zones. As were TTK Road, Dr. R K Salai and R. K. Mutt Road.

The odd person walked up to the gates of local temples, said a prayer and moved on.  And in church zones which witness a buzz on Sundays when a series of Masses are celebrated, it was all very quiet since services are cancelled, some are webcast and the faithful told to stay at home.


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