Finally, pre-fab hawker bunks stocked at Mandavelipakkam playground moved out

Finally, the youths who used to play freely at the GCC playground on South Canal Road, popularly known as Alphonsa ground can have the entire space to themselves.

GCC had dumped over 100 pre-fabricated hawker stalls that were to have been given to registered hawkers on the Marina. This issue has got bogged down in a long-drawn legal battle.

So while some 100 plus bunks placed on the Marina near the Light House sank into the sands or were vandalised, the 100 others stocked in the open in the playground in Mandavelipakkam ate into the space that youths used to play football and cricket on all days of the week.

Today, these bunks were removed and transported to the campus of Mylapore crematorium.

Said Mylapore MLA Dha Velu, “There is a vast space there where we can stock these bunks till they are needed by GCC on the beach.”


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