Monthly processions are back at Sri Kapali Temple

Karthigai is a special day for lord Singaravelar at Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple. Every month, on the Karthigai star day, it has been a long tradition for Singaravelar, along with his consorts, to go on a procession around the four Mada Streets.
However, with the lockdown restrictions following the break out of the second wave in April last year, this monthly procession had come to a halt and  had not taken place in over three quarters.
On Wednesday (Feb 9) evening, devotees of lord Muruga were happy that finally his monthly procession on Karthigai star recommenced after this long break. Just after 7.30pm, in front of a stream of devotees, othuvar Sathgurunathar presented verses of praise on Singaravelar to signal the start of the procession.
The temple authorities though asked the Sri Patham Thangis to return quickly from the procession.  Perhaps this was to avoid crowds gathering around.
Devotees of Muruga waited eagerly on the East Mada Street to have his darshan. Into the South Mada street, a flower vendor presented a variety of flowers to her favourite lord while a fruit vendor, with great devotion, handed a bunch of bananas to Singaravelar. They said they were all delighted that Singaravelar was back with his Karthigai procession.
Singaravelar’s trip around the Mada Streets on this Thai Karthigai evening marked the restart of the monthly street processions at this temple.
– Report by S Prabhu

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