City council elections: candidates on to door-to-door campaigning

Local area  campaigning by candidates fighting in the elections to the city council has picked up this week. And all candidates prefer door-to-door campaigning since it seems more effective at the local level.

On Tuesday evening, the BJP’s R. Rama who is contesting the seat of Ward 125 got down on the streets of Devadi Street zone, meeting shop keepers, housewives and families who stepped out of their homes when they heard the sounds of slogans. ( photo below)

On Wednesday morning, as early as 7.30 a.m. the Congress candidate Amirta Varshini for Ward 126 walked in and out of the little, congested lanes off the Marina Loop Road to meet families in the Nocchi Nagar zone, and then planned to meet families in the multi-storeyed blocks here, where most fisherfolks reside. ( photo below)

The Congress is a DMK ally. Amirta is a resident of MRC Nagar and she has been given the ticket by the party.

Also this Wednesday morning, the DMK’s Vimala Krishnamurthy who is contesting in Ward 124 did the rounds of Mosque Street and Chitrakulam zone, along with some men and women cadres of the DMK. ( seen in the first photo featured here)

A small group of women, carrying the Rising Sun symbol accompanied Vimala, who resides in the Nagathamman Temple zone.

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