Teppam duty as fitness exercise for this police officer

M. Ravi, Inspector of Police, Mylapore looks fit as a fiddle.

He is particular about his fitness and has a rigorous daily schedule. So when the teppam kicked off at the Adhi Kesava Perumal Temple, he decided to use the two hours of his field work there for productive use.

Every evening, he walks around the four Chitrakulam Tank streets between 7pm and 9pm, the period of the teppam when lord Adhi Kesava Perumal goes around on the float.

He told Mylapore Times on Wednesday that his walk this week serves a twin purpose “Instead of standing in one place for two hours, this walk around the four streets helps with my daily fitness regime. In addition, I also ensure that the ‘bandobast’ is in order during the teppam.”

A small bunch of police men and women were assigned for duty on each  street. And when the inspector did the walk rounds, his colleagues were kept on their toes.

  • Report, photo by S. Prabhu
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