Music concerts this weekend at Arkay Centre, Luz

These are the Carnatic music concerts to take place at Arkay Convention Center, Luz.  The concerts will be webcast live on Arkay’s Face Book and YouTube channels.
Friday, 1st April 5.00pm
Sri Ariyakudi and Sri K V Narayanaswamy  Memorial Trust / 20th Aradhana of Palghat Narayanaswamy
K N Anuradha Vocal.  R Raghul – Violin.   N Manoj Siva – mridangam.   Adambakam Sankar – ghatam

Sunday, 3rd April
Hemmige S Prasanth Vocal –   with R K Shriramkumar  T R Sundaresan and  Madipakkam Murali


Pattabhiram Pandit Vocal. M Chandramouli – Violin.  B Ganapathraman – Mridangam. Madipakkam Murali – Ghatam
Photo used here is of Hemmige Prasanth shot by Rajappane Raju

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