Civic body recycles vegetable waste locally and sells the manure

If you need manure for your garden or potted plants on the terrace you may want to buy it from the stalls of Chennai Corporation, locally. It costs little.

The civic body has teams that source vegetable waste from the civic workers of Urbaser Sumeet company who work in each ward and then recycle this waste into manure.

This work goes on locally; there are said to be three such places in the Mylapore zone where workers recycle vegetable waste.

One is outside and close to the entrance of the Mandaveli MRTS rail station. The other is located off Kutchery Road, alongside the Buckingham Canal, near the bridge.

A kilo of manure was sold at Rs.20 but recently, the GCC decided to sell it at Rs.10 per packet.

One manure sales stall was recently seen on Kamaraj Salai in R. A. Puram, at the Srinivasa Avenue junction.

The civic body is keen to recycle kitchen waste locally, recycle it and sell the byproduct to the neighbourhood.

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