San Thome School alumni launch social media page for this community

The alumni of San Thome Higher Secondary School have launched a social media page for its community and posts have been appearing here on a regular basis.

Karthikeyan of the 1992 batch who resides in Mylapore initiated the Facebook page for the school’s alumni recently.

At the recent event held at the school campus that celebrated the founding of the school 200 years ago, when the Mylapore diocese launched a primary school for the area’s children in 1821, many ‘old boys’ dropped in to take part. There were ‘boys’ of the 1960s and the 1970s batches at this event.

They got the opportunity to meet some of the Montfort brothers who used to be manage the school in the past.

Now, the alumni of this school have started posting photos on the Facebook page – posts that take visitors down memory lane, with black and white photos evoking warm memories.

This is the link to the page –


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