Gandhi Peace Foundation offers short courses for students, teachers on ‘peace education based on Gandhian values’

Gandhi Peace Foundation (GPF) based on Ambujammal Street, Alwarpet conducts short term training courses for  students/teachers on “Peace Education based on Gandhian Values” as an initiative to introduce alternatives to the present growing culture of violence and terrorism.
GPF is an independent ‘not for profit’ registered trust trying to promote Gandhian values and communal harmony in the past fifty years. R.Venkataraman,  former president of India was its chief patron and Gandhian T. D. Tirumalai was its founder-secretary.
In this course, students can get orientation on self-empowerment in micro actions for macro peace based on Gandhian values, says S. Kulandaisamy, secretary of GPF.
Interested teachers and students may apply through their schools and colleges by email: or in WhatsApp number: 89 39 21 50 45.
For students, this course will be conducted for two days – five hours duration on each day – and for teachers, one day of five hours duration,  either in schools or in colleges or in the GPF office. There are no online classes. Only twenty five students/teachers will be admitted in a session.
All those who complete the course will get a participation certificate. The course fee is Rs. 500/- for students and Rs.1000/- for teachers. A copy of the book ‘Gandhian Way to Peace ‘ will be gifted to teachers.