Magazine of Youth

From Seed To Success

By R. Akshaya Priya

Imagine a situation where we plant a seed and the next day, we want to get fruit from it. How lame it
would be? We need to wait until it gets the conditions required for growth. What if this happens to a

A girl faced this situation in real life. Her name is Natasha. She used to be an introvert; she never had
the guts to talk with her friends. when teachers asked questions, she would not open her mouth. She scored
low marks in her tests.

People started making blunt remarks about her. During middle school, people called her a ‘failure’. They assumed that she would fail 8th again.

Those blunt remarks were in her mind always: she could not concentrate. Everyone gave her various sorts of advice.
Her mind was totally blocked by these remarks and advice but she chose to find motivation from
them. She wanted to prove herself, not only in academics but also decided to be an all-rounder.

She started getting over her fears. There were days when she lost hope within herself but something which
urged her always was ‘failure’, she wanted to change it. She started putting up a time-table, started taking
notes during her classes. She made sure to use each and every opportunity that came her way.

That one moment which happened in her 9th standard broke the past into a bad memory. She was not
only a topper in 9th standard but was also in her school’s football team: she knew to play
chess and went to play in the Nationals and she was called the ‘Girl with Everything’.

After receiving the best student and all-rounder award she just gave a small speech. “It might take years for a plant to grow and there are many stages in its life. But we know for sure that one day it will also bloom and give flowers”.

– R. Akshaya Priya is a Class 9 student of P. S. Senior Secondary School, Mylapore