Magazine of Youth

The Clever Astrologer

By C. Nishanth

There was a king. The king had only one son. The prince suddenly fell sick. The physicians in the palace tried to cure the prince of his disease. As the days passed, the health of the prince was deteriorating. The king was very angry and upset over the illness of his son.

The minister told the king about an astrologer in the country who had predicted the death of over 100 people in the country. The king was surprised to hear this news and summoned the astrologer to the palace.

After thoroughly studying the birth details of the prince, the astrologer said to the king that the prince would die ten days from then. The king requested the astrologer to stay in the palace.

As predicted by the astrologer, the prince died. The grief-stricken king was angry and upset. The angry king, sword in his hand, summoned the astrologer and asked him to tell his (astrologer’s) exact date of death. The astrologer now realised that his life was under threat, since the grief-stricken king would not listen to his word, but kill him.

Though the astrologer knew about his life, he said to the king, “Oh king! I am an ordinary human being who will die one day, but the problem is that you will die exactly after three days of my death”.

The king, after hearing this made all arrangements for the astrologer to live a long life.

-C. Nishanth is a student of P S Senior Sec. School, Mylapore