Petty thieves make off with bicycles, drain covers inside apartment blocks

Do not leave your bicycles or bikes unlocked inside your apartments for, there are thieves who slip in where there are no watchmen and make off with your belongings.

And there are thieves who do not mind carrying away even metal drain covers which can bring them a few rupees.

Recently, CCTV footage at an apartment in East Abhiramapuram 1st Street showed a man wandering all around the campus here at about 6 a.m. and finding nothing, make off with one drain cover, which he dumped in the tricycle parked at the gate.  He seemed to use the cover of being a waste collector.

Residents here had been rewinding daily, CCTV footage since the time a bicycle was stolen by a man who was in sports shoes. That is when they spotted the drain-cover thief and reported the matter to Mylapore Police.

Sub Inspector Sanjivi Kumar and his men tracked all local men using tricycles and spotted the suspect near a TASMAC liquor shop; he was arrested.

Residents here say that petty thieves keep a watch on movements in apartments that do not have a firm security or where senior citizens alone reside and slip in to make off with things.

  • Inputs for this report came from J S Jeyakarthi

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