Dancer Jagyaseni Chatterjee to release activity book for children

Suki Learns to Dance (Level 1) is an activity book for children conceived and authored by Bharatanatyam dancer Jagyaseni Chatterjee and published by Giri Trading Agency Pvt Ltd.

It will be released officially on Aug.3 evening ( 5.30 p.m.) at Lakshmi GIRI Convention Hall, Mylapore.

Story teller Janaki Sabesh will share her Suki story – it is all about anklets.

The book is a first of its kind product aimed to develop IQ of children through activities like colouring, warm up games, crosswords, puzzles and drawing, says the author.

The book (56 pages) is led by the Indian cartoon character, Suki, a parrot who is a dancer. Suki has been painted by artist Keshav Venkataraghavan.

“The activities included in this children are in line with their academic training so that children are able to follow and relate better,” says Jagyaseni.

Price: Rs. 225.

To book send a message to suki_thedancer in Instagram. Or, WhatsApp Jagyaseni at 9884104924

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