GCC’s ‘make-believe’ civic complaint system; Mandavelipakkam resident’s evidence on cattle nuisance

This is a snappy evidence of how GCC’s phone/online civic service works. As shared by Dr. Rabinder Boaz, “Bethel “ of 19/9 Third Trust Cross Street , Mandavelipakkam. It is on the mess that cattle reared and let free in his area has created for some years now and GCC has done little to curb it. For many seasons now.

12th Sept 8.29 am

Thank you Mr/Ms Rabinder Boaz (9841049140)  for filing a complaint on Stray Cattle at location  Area-Mandavelipakkam Locality-Mandavelipakkam Street-3rd Trust Cross Street. Your complaint number is:2022-852NGO. Please refer this for all future references.
13th Sept. 11.21 am
Mr/Ms Rabinder Boaz   (9841049140) Your complaint on Stray Cattle with complaint Number ( 2022-852NGO ) is Attended. For Any Additional Information Please login to the portal with your Complaint Number.
Note from Dr. Boaz to Mylapore Times  –
The cattle remain as before – happily chewing and depositing dung adroitly all across the street . The combined stench of urine and dung is quite unpleasant.

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