Good shower at Navaratri time. The evening rain was steady but short.

A good shower of the pre-monsoon season was experienced in most areas of Mylapore.

It rained at about 4.15 pm / 4.35 pm in Luz, Alwarpet and Abiramapuram zones and the rain was heavy and steady for some 10 minutes.

Though the Met Department has predicted rain this season and it does rain around Navaratri festival time, the downpour was patchy.

The skies were overcast since high noon and it drizzled in some parts of the city, rained in others.

If the rains are steady now, communities will get an idea of the civic preparedness around them, more so when the GCC has built large tracts of new drains, though work in some sections lies partly-done and in others, messy with raw soil and open gaps.