Councillors say some GCC officials bypass or ignore them

Local councillors seem to be finding unfriendly engineers and officials of Chennai Corporation at local area offices hurdles in their day-to-day activities for the community they represent

Two councillors representing wards in the Teynampet zone, which covers most parts of Mylapore said recently that such has been the indifference of the officials that this issue has been raised at the monthly meetings of the councillors at the zonal level.

The meetings take place at the GCC office in Lake Area, Nungambakkam.

‘When serious complaints reach the GCC officials, they do not brief us and when people find a slow or no response they take it to the MLA and this leaves us in the dark,” said one woman councillor, wishing to remain anonymous.

Said another, also wanting to be anonymous, “When complaints do not come to our notice, people get the impression that councillors are taking it easy or not bothered.”

In some wards, councillors have been meeting RWAs on weekends to not only make friends and listen to core issues of the area but also build communication over WhatsApp.

Says one councillor, “WhatsApp groups are active and this helps people and us exchange updates.”

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