Grand Soora Samharam enactment on Sunday evening. At two temples.

It will be an action-packed day at Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple this Sunday (Oct 30) on the final day of the Kantha Sashti Utsavam.

In the morning, after the street procession of lord Singaravelar at 7.45am, theerthavari will take place on the eastern side of the tank. There will be a maha-abhisekam and kalasa abhisekam  after 12 noon at the Singaravelar sannidhi.

In the evening, Singaravelar will leave on the Mada Street procession around 7pm and arrive at the North Mada Street after 7.30pm for the grand enactment of the Soora-Samharam episode.

 At Veera Bhadrar Temple

At the Veera Bhadrar Temple in Thyagarajapuram, lord Muruga will leave on a procession on the horse vahana at 6.30pm on Sunday. 

On the way, he will get the ‘Vel’ at Mundakanni Amman Temple and arrive in front of the Veera Bhadrar Temple where the Soora Samharam episode will be enacted. On Tuesday evening at 6.30pm, the Thiru Kalyana Vaibhavam of Lord Muruga will be performed inside the temple in a traditional way.

  • By S. Prabhu


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